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(Old Collection Disturbia)

Pay attention because the story I have to tell is true, it happened with the friend of an employee of a cute neighbor Therese of nineteen I met at a party in Goiânia, which unfortunately never saw.

She told me this that happened here last year. The events involving the small moments in this narrated me this story is so surprising about the narrative itself. But my modesty and I inhibits this step only after what I heard.


"Isabel said cold words on her final attempt to remove him, Juraci, a bashful young man acquitted of behavior ... Juraci kept the friendship strong and smile as I listened carefully to the words spoken by his passion abrasive.

"[...] Do not want you around, feeding your desires, feeding their desires and ideas that can change who I am. "

"Juraci heard these last words and left ...".

"Six months go by fast, and now ... It took hours, days and weeks so that the image of the young almost completely erased the memories of the small. And that, alone on a park bench was put in mind, to pray. "You are just living like this, only suffers only suffers? Why you could not be clearer in helping me "- he prayed."

"As if by a miracle lord of old clothes and nice affections came and sat beside the girl."

- So many complaints, so many complaints! - Exclaimed the master.

- I do not complain to you! "- Said Isabel without touching that his prayers were imperceptible to those who watched."

And you look to heaven pleaded:

- Give me patience.

Isabel rose bothered by the presence, when the old man interrupted:

- Wait! What did you want wings, soundtrack ... I am here to answer your questions.

- God? - Elizabeth asked in a tone almost of despair.

- No, Augustus the messenger at his disposal.

- I do not deserve, do not deserve, forgiveness Lord - the girl pleaded.

- Oh, it sure does not deserve, just that your fame is already growing, no one does anything up there. You ask, ask, ask, a little thanks and ask for more ...

- I thought I was alone - the girl said in a tone of regret.

- You can not! A claim could not be alone this far, if someone did not believe in the occult to assist. And while continuing to end this conversation as soon as possible. Could you tell me what more do you want?

- I have nothing, everything is beautiful, wonderful, people are good.

- Spare me this talk of who saw the angel, and drop the claims.

"Elizabeth thought for several seconds while muttering under Augustus, then said,"

- My life ... I know that I know it is a gift from God, only I suffer because I have many difficulties. I have lived many things that left me far from God, did I offend my parents, I stole, I gave lust, I ...

"Isabel is interrupted by Augustus"

- I know! I'm an angel if you need to find a priest to confess. It has a church two blocks away.

- I'm evangelical! - Exclaimed Isabel

The angel warned impatient:

- I know, I know. There is something that I do not know her, you will or will not make me a question?

Elizabeth stared at the horizon, but speak in a tone of regret:

- I seek the right way, but I'm weak, I am easily seduced by worldly pleasures. - Old Isabel yawned and went - I'm fickle, I am a sinner ... Well want to know why the suffering, if God loves us so much to me live, everything, why he left me, for I have suffered, why ...

"Augustus interrupted:"

- One at a time!

- Well - said Isabel - why He left me alone?

- How dare you say that he left him alone! - Angered the old

- Am I doing the questions? - Elizabeth insisted.

- Well, - said the angel - so we must return to history. Remember when you were away from home, alone, remember? How much did wrong, and sin. He could have given him on his back, but his infinite mercy to bring back your family and you ...? Neither is willing to help. I remember like it was today: We had to mobilize an entire army of archangels to bring you to your parents ... And when back home, he questioned everything and everyone. It was empty and lonely ... He gave her a world of opportunity, young and healthy. Or do you think what you have comes from the sweat of his brow ... in? And the last before the \ 'I go. And that boy was placed in its path. Could have been very happy, but you do not ... did not accept ...

"Intrigued Isabel interrupted the questioning,"

- Who?

- One dark, the ... The great hair, o. ..

- Fabio? - Asked Isabel

- It does not.

- Alberto?

- This too!

- Eduardo?

- No, no, no ...

- Louis?

- Of course not!

- Nathaniel?

- You remember, to concentrate in the last six months.

- I'm talking about the last six months - said Elizabeth.

"The angel put on his knees, looked up to heaven and prayed:"

- Lord why insist?

"Returning to sit, he continued:"

- It's ju or jo ... Juvenal, no, no ...

- Juraci! - Cried Elizabeth.

- It's the one! - Cried the angel, before continuing - and Juraci You could have been very happy, but you ... did not accept ...

- Are you sure you're talking about the right person?

- Of course I have, we never make mistakes angels - Augusto said in a tone snob.

- And I can do anything? - Isabel asked.

- Must! - Answered the angel - Starting today have to be happy, because he said we can not carry you. This is your life, if we determine that you need urgent help, then your guardian angel will be the one to help you. Your prayers will be ignored by you is given as a ... - The angel thought - ... you are given as a ... - A little more thought - How boring one!

Then the angel stood, staring at her and said loudly:

- His only goal is to be happy and make others happy. Share the true love of God, this is your only job for the rest of his life. Goodbye. And so the angel had departed, leaving Isabel to reflect.

Not far away were Augustus and Juraci.

- I said everything you told me a few more little words that I believe can help - Augusto said.

- What word? - Asked Juraci.

- Only simple words in context, said he had to be happy because it was what God wants for her ... Things like that.

- Are we not committing a sin? - Juraci questioned.

- Do not lie. Go home, she should call you.

- I do not know how I can thank you?

- Start paying me the 50 actual combined.

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"That day, as the twenty-three hours of the night the phone rang at the home of Juraci, Elizabeth, who was greeted with great joy. The young man remained some sadness due to the fault. "She never would call me by his will" - thought Juraci. But the small excited, and between "nostalgia" and accolades, one was to sum up: the 50 Valera very real costs.

Arranged to meet in a park. There sat close together, they were talking about the good things they could do. And this medium-to-come hither, come-to-there, the two flirted up and approached.

- I'm ready ... I - said Elizabeth.

Juraci was quiet young then continued:

- I do not care what you feed your desires, truth is that I like.

- Well, good even - Juraci said.

- So I think today we can be happy ... - Isabel paused and continued: We can be happy, I will apply myself to change e. ..

- And? - Asked Juraci.

- E. .. Say something!

- Talk? - Questioned Juraci - Speak what?

- Speaking of new things - reminding him said Isabel.

- What? - The boy is puzzled.

- It's what you've said, do not be stupid.

Then the young man took a deep breath and said:

- I want to date you, and you want to date me?

And Elizabeth said: "Yes," and they embraced and kissed, e. .. it was. And they lived happily ...

Until the other weekend when Juraci and Elizabeth came to church. Elizabeth is excited that the loss of the fear which was quite traumatic that environment sacrum, followed by the bazaar of the chapel in which I tried to buy a Tau, a small T, known cross of St. Francis of Assisi. While buying your first Christian symbol, your young love was surprised by an unexpected encounter.

- Juraci - Augusto said excited.

- Why are you here? - Juraci questioned.

- Come join the celebration.

- Here? You can not! Not here. Isabel is here.

"But the warning was already late. The young have stared at them with affection pale ... Augusto smiled sympathetically and said: "

- I came to see as they are.

Isabel believed and also smiled, but Juraci tired with all that said:

- If you really love me, then you can know. I paid 50 dollars to say those words to him in the park.

"Isabel turned quickly and for the walk, while moved away, heard the boy's pleas for his forgiveness, but she despised the words of young ... She despised him. "

Continuing the story ... The night was cold, and Elizabeth kept a pride that had Juraci. So was the home of her best friend and joined a group going to the club that we are now.
* * *
"Juraci attended the Mass and the time to leave, Elizabeth entered the club, where a couple of feature cheerful and alive, came"

- Good night?

- Rubbish - said Isabel.

- Want to chat?

- No.

- So let's just drink.

"Isabel drank, danced and the end of the night was between kissing and making out in a dark corner of the club."

Meanwhile ...

- You know she is not his? - Asked Augustus to Juraci.

- I know - said Juraci

- Also knows he has no more obligation to her?

- I also know.

- So why insist? If the sky is not estimated.

- Because I love ...

- How can love it if the sky is not worth?

- I could not love it if the sky had not estimated

- Do you really think it is well seen in the sky? Ask the cherubim to feel, ask the Archangels to defend, you will see not! - August notes.

- We are here to rescue her. - Whispered Juraci - If she knew ...

- If you know what? If you knew the places she goes are not allowed for the angels, just to men - Augusto stressed.

- If she knew I became a man ...

- Why it ... - Augusto whispered, and continued after a pause - before you saw incapable of helping her because he could not interfere in the doings. Now you can interfere, but can not prevent. You have to eat from the sweat of your face, you have shame and die ... Great thing you did. If there is someone you should sacrifice, this one is certainly not Elizabeth.

"Juraci sat on the curb and as his eyes filled with tears begged his intercession Augusto."

- You seem Isabel begging for mercy, I should not help him. - Augusto said masking the pain of his consciousness, then continued - will not see me. We will not talk, but you know you can talk to me and I'll be listening to him, he also knows that I love. It should not ... - Augustus hesitated - but how is the last chance of the young ... Well, I tell you the last time. Give it up, because it is not welcomed in heaven.

- I do not love her so much without the blessing D \ 'Him

- Yeah I know ... So give him the last instructions. Elizabeth returned to that club. This time you can enter ... A utility to be deadly is that there was no air conditioning you can get in any hole ... Go there. It is with a guy named ... is ... I'm terrible with names and false unknown. It was inevitable that they will not know tonight. And going on is the end of Elizabeth.

- Mercy is infinite - said Juraci

- Everyone talks about it, she calls evil. Others as you rise up and it is inevitable that an example is given. Go there. She's only you.

- Compassion d \ 'He is infinite.

- You're all compassion d \ 'He now ... Go there. No fear for God is faithful, and no matter where he is always watching you.

"Juraci walked with difficulty among the people in that environment that caused the dislike. When he reached the other end of the door turned and saw irrational order for Isabel to being dragged off by a man. With difficulty he returned as fast as you can. Getting to see the car from the street to the north. The car took a return to 50 meters across the street and Juraci stepped forward to stop him. "

"The car braked and the driver put his head out of the vehicle, insulted and told the young man went."

- Elizabeth! - Juraci screamed.

- She's with me, another will hunt! - Said the young man at the wheel.

- Elizabeth I talk to you!

"The car continued its journey in first gear Juraci running over slightly which stood on the hood. The boy driving the car, then stopped, and holding down the neck Juraci threatened him: - You want to die? So take it! ".

"After beating a strong Juraci was thrown to the pavement. Losing consciousness to shock his head against the curb. "

"At five o'clock when Elizabeth out of the motel, Juraci entered the operating room where he died minutes later."

  Silvio Junior Lobo.


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